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Flash Fiction: Hold on, Babygirl

Here in the U.S., it’s Tax Day. Let’s all celebrate by reading a dirty story! Apply your own agony/angst/frustration metaphors as necessary. —D.R. 


"Hold on, babygirl, I know you can do it," he said. His face was red but his voice was even and calm. Eerily calm. 

He gripped my legs tightly while he pumped his hips, thrusting his thick cock inside me, inside my aching and wet pussy.  

I bit my lip. I breathed out forcefully. Repeat. Repeat. Think calm thoughts, I told myself. Don’t let your body take over the way it wants to. 

I wasn’t allowed to cum that night. No orgasms at all, not even if I begged.  

He watched my face with his steely eyes. With each groan, with each stroke that caused me grief and frustration, I swore I felt him get harder. 

I felt the familiar tingle and knew that I was moments away from cumming. I hadn’t cum in days now. I was aching to cum. My pussy was desperate to cum. My Daddy the sadist knew this. 

It all started with a lazy afternoon on a hot day and I walking around in a sundress for no other reason than to keep cool. 

"Take off your clothes," he told me nonchalantly. I’d just walked in the room and wanted the attention even though I knew it would lead to frustration. 

"Lie down and hold your legs up," he told me. I dropped onto the bed and held my legs. 

He inspected me and teased my pussy. He must have seen how wet I was, how much my body ached for an orgasm. 

He ran his fingers lightly over my pussy as he talked, spreading the wetness, occasionally hitting my clit. Every time he did, I jumped and gripped my legs for dear life. 

"I’m going to fuck you today because I need to cum, babygirl," he said. His fingers didn’t stop the agonizing stroking. 

I groaned in protest. 

"But Daddy! I need to cum, too," I said. Stroke, stroke, stroke he continued. 

"No you don’t, babygirl. Your orgasms belong to me, now. You only get to have them when I say so. Understand? If you don’t, perhaps we could reinforce the rules a bit more. Perhaps, say, another month without an orgasm might drill that in?" 

He did not stop stroking. I moaned loudly. 

"No need, Daddy. I understand," I said, breathing loudly, trying to calm this ache he caused between my legs. 

"Tonight is about my pleasure. Understand?" he asked. I shook my head. 

Then he was inside me, pleasing himself with every stroke. He fucked me hard and fast. I knew his stroke was to please himself, but it felt good inside my denied pussy.

He stopped, held for a moment, and stroked slowly. I moaned in protest. 

"Please don’t, Daddy," 

He stopped again and put his finger on my clit, circling it slowly.

I screeched and felt a tear run out of my eye. I could barely form words but managed to squeak out a “Please, Daddy…” 

He stopped and continued fucking me. I could feel his urgency building and knew he was close to cumming. And then he was there, shooting his seed deep inside me, inside my aching cunt. I screamed in relief. 

He pulled out and, as I am required to do, I licked his cock clean. When I was done, I spread my thighs wide and breathed heavily, wanting so much to calm myself, to calm this need that possessed me. 

Daddy put his arms around me and held me tightly. He kissed my neck. 

I love it when he does that. 

"I’m so proud of you, babygirl. So proud."

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Rough Blow Jobs for the Orally Fixated Girl

I have an oral fixation. 

I used to smoke but I quit a few years ago. But there’s something so satisfying about getting pleasure through your mouth. I loved drawing smoke into my mouth, getting all buzzed and calm, all at the same time, from cigarettes. 

I chew a lot of gum. 

I love to eat and drink interesting and strongly-flavored foods. Beer, coffee, bitter chocolate, pickled things, it’s all good to me. 

Of course, I love to give blow jobs. 

For years, I’ve had a fantasy about giving and being “subjected” to rough blow jobs. I love rough blow job porn, the kind that involves face fucking, hard use, lots of spit, being held down and gasping for air. 

Turns out if you tell your favorite D-type you want him to fuck your face until you can’t breathe and you’re drooling all over the place, he generally won’t mind. Those D-types are very accommodating that way. 

Daddy finally got the opportunity to give me a good, hard skull fucking, the roughest blow job I’ve ever given, and it did not disappoint. 

Fact is, it was so good, the details are a little hazy.

I ended up dangling my head over the side of the bed so Daddy could fuck my face. Which he did. There is everything I wanted: spitting, breathlessness, panic, desire. I was struggling, being held down. All of this did exactly what I’d hoped. 

I got a taste. And now I want to taste some more. Guess that’s par for the course when you’ve got an oral fixation like mine. 

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Anonymous asked: yessssssss we do wanna hear! you should write more! :D

On its way tomorrow. Also, new story coming up soon, too. 

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Big Ass Problems

  1. Decided to order pants online from a store I’ve never purchased from before. Fuck yeah, on sale!
  2. Decided to check my measurements with their size chart just to make sure I was ordering the right size. 
  3. Waist is one size, hips are two sizes larger. 

Yep. I got big ass problems. 

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On Orgasm Denial and the Cool Kids

Why don’t you write something about your denial Daddy said to me now that the seal has finally been broken and I’m cumming again after my last period of orgasm denial. 

I thought about it and at first thought I might not share because, well, maybe I’m not one of the cool kids. 

You see, I’m new to orgasm denial of any kind and I haven’t done it that much. My fantasy isn’t self-denial, really, but more about being denied by my top, not something I can explore alone. and Daddy’s the only person I’ve explored this with.

This last period of denial was my longest ever: six days. To me, the almost daily cummer, this was a long time to sweat it out, to feel achy and frustrated and weird all day, every day. Add on top of that required edging and I definitely felt it, emotionally, physically, psychologically. I was thoroughly owned. 

I assumed I wasn’t one of the cool kids because six days isn’t six weeks or six months. I’m not that cool and bottom-y, I guess. Maybe people will think I’m a pussy for lasting less than a week. 

But you know what? Fuck it!

Denial is about giving up control. Daddy LOVED me giving up this kind of control, this very basic, deeply-rooted element of power. He loved hearing and seeing what happened to me every day: the frustration, the wetness, the pleading, the frustration, the anguish. 

Fuck it!

Denial is about suffering and watching me suffer. It was even better when I chose to suffer. Daddy offered me an out, a way I could earn an orgasm for taking a cold shower. You know what? I chose not to take that fucking shower. I chose the torment. 

Fuck it!

I’m all about expanding my horizons. I may not be a cool kid but I’m having fun pleasing myself and Daddy. Isn’t that what matters most? 

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Creative Daddies: Destroying Horny Submissives Since 1893

I am currently in denial, my longest term of denial with Daddy. 

Daddy gave me a rather creative and miserable weekend: a set amount of time that I must edge before I can earn an orgasm. Of course, if I have a little accident during my edges, I suffer some pretty stiff consequences. 

I can edge today, but it doesn’t count towards my task. But the penalties for an accident sure do. 

I probably won’t be able to cum until Sunday. Or Monday! Fuck!!!

(Did I mention I haven’t had an orgasm in a while???)

I love creative daddies.

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