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A Fantasy I Had During a Meeting at Work Today

She knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding: small affair, a simple dress, good food, the kind of beer she liked. She knew she’d be happiest if it felt like just a really good party. 

She also knew their honeymoon would be special. They were traveling to the beach, she’d been working out, she’d purchased a tiny bikini, and promised her new husband she would not cum for the week they were in Hawaii. In fact, she promised him the decision as to when her first married orgasm would occur. 

Yes, she was going to please him every night, multiple times a day if he wanted it. She would offer her pussy to him, her mouth, her ass. She would submit her ass for spanking, her pussy for inspection, her nipples for torture. He was going to tease her mercilessly, constantly touching her clit when he could, giving her light kisses on the neck. whispering naughty things in her ear at dinner. 

He knew he’d get something special: a week on vacation with his new wife’s beautiful, agonized face begging to cum, a wish he was not going to grant, knowing her first orgasm as a married woman was a long way away. 

He thought about that ass bouncing in desperation, his wife’s beautiful ass. He thought about how it was all his, how much he couldn’t wait to treasure her, own her, possess every inch of her. He knew she was giving him the most valuable gift he could ask for: her orgasms, her agony. 


This was, needless to say, a boring meeting. 

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Super Flash Fiction: Fill All Three

I liked being airtight, something in each hole. 

He shoved his fingers into my ass quickly. Sure, it was lubed, but it wasn’t quite ready for that assault. I screamed from the surprise and the little bit of pain. 

Then he put a finger or two in my pussy. 

"Keep sucking," he said. 

I returned my mouth to his cock, sucking him deeply, tonguing the head as he painfully filled my ass and pussy with his hands. I was overwhelmed with sensation and could do little else but cry out. 

"Cum for me," he said and I did. It was powerful and forceful. All that pain coursing through my ass, that pleasure from my g spot, the comforting fullness of his cock in my mouth, it all swirled together and I came hard on his hands, my screams muffled by the cock in my mouth. 

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Fuck. This Hurts.


I brace myself because I know what’s coming, that pain, that searing pain. He brings his hand down and gives me a hard smack right on the pussy and it takes my breath away. 

Now we’re in that scary, split-second moment. I’m about to scream out because that’s what I feel. I’m about to make big noises, not like those little moans I make when he spanks my ass. No, these noises will be loud and guttural and primal. 

My legs clench. I know I’m going to have to use my muscles not to close them but to keep them apart. If my legs close, he’ll force them open and slap even harder. 


Do I really want to be doing this? Is this really a good idea? I shouldn’t want this, this pain, this all-consuming pain that’s filling my body and occupying my brain. Maybe I don’t want it anymore. 

Maybe I should safeword. Maybe this isn’t for me. Why did I say I wanted him to hurt me again? 

Less than a second has passed but the rapid fire dialogue is swirling around in my brain. 


The moment passes. The pain continues, and I’m glad. 

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You see, the shit that happens when you ask your Daddy for some humiliation…

I’m going out to see a band tonight with friends. Just friends. Possibly to a lesbian club. I have to go without panties and I’ll mostly likely be in a tight skirt. 

I also have to tell someone (and that’s you) that this is what I’m doing. It’s all because I’m that desperate to cum. 

See? You say things you shouldn’t when you’re asking permission to cum. 

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Anonymous asked: unf i love your writings x do you know any other blogs with this kind of stories? preferably bdsm

I’m woefully underread when it comes to my fellow amateur sex and BDSM dirty story authors. I don’t know too many people who post dirty fiction on Tumblr aside from picture captions and those you can find everywhere. I sometimes read and have posted on Literotica. 

Anybody else have ideas? 

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Anonymous asked: So if one wasn't 100% down with calling her Dom Daddy, what are some other options you've heard of? Loooove your blog 😘

You know what? I didn’t like calling my Daddy “Daddy” at first. Initially, I pushed back, said I wasn’t going to do it. To me, it felt creepy because I heard that it was frowned upon by society, so I settled on calling him Sir. 

Daddy didn’t push me to call him Daddy, either. He told me it didn’t matter what I chose so long as it was a title of respect. I called him “Sir” for a while but couldn’t get the Daddy idea out of my head. I wanted his title to mean something, to be extra special and loving and nurturing, all things I wanted to feel from him. Then I said fuck it, started to call him Daddy, and we were both blissfully happy with this turn of events. 

Listen, if you don’t like Daddy, you don’t have to say Daddy. Poppa, Papi, Congressman, Sir, whatever, Say what comes from the heart and go with that. 

Also, thanks for the blog love!

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Flash Fiction: A Dinner Party

"Who wants wine?" I said, smoothing down my skirt as I got up from the table. I saw a table full of friends nod their heads, so I got up. Sir followed me into the kitchen. 

The door closed behind us. 

"Show me," he said, whispering in my ear so that our friends just feet away didn’t know. 

I lifted my skirt and showed him I was not wearing panties. He already knew I wasn’t. He saw me get dressed. But that wasn’t the point, now, was it? 

"Hands on the counter," he said next and I walked forward, placing my hands on the kitchen counter, my fingers spread. 

With one hand, he reached around to the front and started forcefully playing with my clit. No warm-up, no teasing, just hard rubbing of my already-wet clit. With his other, he slid two fingers into my pussy and began to rub, filling me, fucking me, his body pressed against mine so that I couldn’t get away. 

"I can feel how wet you are. I bet you want to cum tonight, don’t you?" he whispered in my ear. This sent chills through me, straight to my pussy. 

"Yes," I whispered back, my friends mere feet away on the other side of that door. 

"What if I told you to cum right now. How would that make you feel?" he asked, his lips brushing against my ear. 

I whimpered and immediately choked back the sound as much as I could. He’d been teasing me all day. He knew how humiliated I was, wanting to cum, even here, humiliated at the thought of holding back all sound while I came under his hands, then returning back to the party as if nothing had happened. 

"Beg for it." 

"Please, Sir, please may I cum?" I whispered in my smallest voice. 

"You want to cum right here, with all of those people laughing and talking just over there?" he said, His fingers kept going. "Are you sure those people aren’t going task why you’re so red and flushed when you return?" 

I gulped. His fingers kept moving. 

"Nope. I’m going to further humiliate you by letting you stew some more." 

He immediately stepped away from me. I turned around. I was confused, turned on, humiliated, excited. I didn’t know what to do. 

He licked his fingers. 

"I think we have more wine glasses downstairs. Want me to get some, honey?" he said loudly. 

"Yes," I managed to get out and he walked away, going to get more glasses as if nothing happened. 

I smoothed my skirt down again, grabbed the wine the glasses from the cabinet. I took a deep breath. I’d just have to pretend like nothing ever happened. 

I could feel my wet thighs as I walked back into the dining room. 

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Anonymous asked: You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful(っ◕‿◕)っ

If you can get Kit Harington to put his cock in my ass, that’d also make me feel extra beautiful.