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Flash Fiction: Service Mouth

I asked for this. 

A week, he said. He said he’d give me a week. A good, solid week would be enough to test my mettle, let me know what I’m really capable of. 

I’d asked to be a service mouth. 

The rules are simple, he explained. I nodded my head because we’d negotiated every single one: I would be belted for a whole week. I would not touch myself, nor would I be considered to have a pussy or ass for sexual pleasure of either party. 

Orgasms were out of the question. I was not to ask for them or beg for them, let alone mention that my orgasms even existed. To do so meant punishment. 

I was only to be a mouth. My mouth would provide pleasure on demand for him, any time, anywhere he requested. My mouth would get him off, would swallow his cum, would lick him clean, would get fucked. For a whole week, I only had one hole and one purpose: to make him cum. 

I was his service mouth. 

He pulled the chastity belt out of the box and held it in front of me. He asked me to strip naked so he could inspect be fully before I was locked in. Then he teased me, of course, a gentle thumb motion on my clit and two fingers in my pussy to really get me going. 

"This is the last time you’ll have a pussy for a while. Anything you want to ask?" 

He had a glint in his eye, of course. Sure, I’ll play this game. 

"Please, Sir, may I cum?" I asked. 

"Nope," he said, almost gleefully. 

Then he locked me in the belt. I no longer had a p**** and could no longer c**. 

"On your knees. Tonight, I’m fucking your face." 

I complied, climbing down to the floor, desperately wanting to c**, turned on by the fact that those were sensations I didn’t have anymore. 

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Thank you to my Wife

Holy shit, this is hot.

Also, I haven’t touched, fucked, or had an orgasm in far too long. It’s been six days now. Everything turns me on, especially hot tales of other submissives having orgasms while I’m not.


I just want to thank my Wife for last night. It was amazing. Her sexual appetite could not be satiated and I was the lucky benefactor of this.

The night started out and I thought this was going to be one of those nights I cant get her off of facebook and go to bed fantasizing about having sex…

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Work Fantasies: In Which I Attend a Party

Sometimes I do boring, monotonous things at work. Because of this, I often have fantasies while I’m there. I’ve written about work fantasies before, so why not make it a series? 

Today’s fantasy involved me, nonthreatening, adult me at some sorority party. Perhaps a roller derby party. Some party with a lot of younger ladies, not that many men. We’re drinking shitty beer ironically while somebody plays Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle” on repeat. 

(If need be, Google that song. That’s okay. We’ll wait. Okay, all caught up? Good.)

I start picking off the ladies, one by one, taking them to the quiet room in the back. I offer the girl a joint and a sympathetic ear, perhaps a shot of expensive tequila. Then I take off her pants. I lick her pussy like there’s no tomorrow, full-on, face drenching action. She cums hard while my tongue works her clit and my fingers are inside her. 

Then I hug her and watch her get dressed. She might even ask to return the favor, something I politely decline. 

"No thanks. I got what I needed just watching you cum," I tell her while I brush her hair from her face. She smiles. I send her on her way, a little stoned and blissfully happy. 

Then I find the next girl and do the same thing. 

I want to make so many women in that room cum. I want to hear them do it and feel it on my face and on my fingers. 

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This Post is Going to Hurt Like Hell

I gave up ownership of my pussy about a year ago now. It was the first time I’d ever done that for anyone, given away that much control. I have rules and controls. I follow them joyfully. It’s the pussy I carry but it’s not mine. It belongs to Daddy

That’s why I’m going to miss him so fucking much. 

I don’t give out a ton of personal details here for obvious reasons, but the story so far is that I’m moving very far away. Daddy is not. And starting very soon, he’ll have to own my pussy from afar. 

Fuck me, man. We really love each other and we’ll continue to love each other, but circumstances dictate that we have to do it from far away.

My life is about to change pretty drastically. Entirely new city, new climate, new friends to make, new hobbies to get, new workouts to do. Time marches on. Eventually the heartache of not seeing him in person will fade and my life will move forward into new and fun adventures. But from this side of time, things look bleak. 

Now here’s the part that hurts the most: Daddy is amazing. I absolutely want the best for him and I know he wants the best for me. I’m going to miss the cuddles and bruises and hugs, but, most of all, I’m going to miss him: sweet, wonderful, loving him. 

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Change is… Good?

I know I haven’t been posting much. No, I’m not dead. I’m just busy packing.

I’m very resistant to change. I like sameness. I like rules and structure and discipline. Surprise, surprise coming from a sub.

Change means a lot of very sad things. But it’s supposed to mean opportunity, too, the chance to grow and flourish and become better. 

And sweet, sweet burrito-eating jeebus, let’s hope this change is for the better. 

Encouraging messages and asks welcomed and appreciated.

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A Fantasy I Had During a Meeting at Work Today

She knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding: small affair, a simple dress, good food, the kind of beer she liked. She knew she’d be happiest if it felt like just a really good party. 

She also knew their honeymoon would be special. They were traveling to the beach, she’d been working out, she’d purchased a tiny bikini, and promised her new husband she would not cum for the week they were in Hawaii. In fact, she promised him the decision as to when her first married orgasm would occur. 

Yes, she was going to please him every night, multiple times a day if he wanted it. She would offer her pussy to him, her mouth, her ass. She would submit her ass for spanking, her pussy for inspection, her nipples for torture. He was going to tease her mercilessly, constantly touching her clit when he could, giving her light kisses on the neck. whispering naughty things in her ear at dinner. 

He knew he’d get something special: a week on vacation with his new wife’s beautiful, agonized face begging to cum, a wish he was not going to grant, knowing her first orgasm as a married woman was a long way away. 

He thought about that ass bouncing in desperation, his wife’s beautiful ass. He thought about how it was all his, how much he couldn’t wait to treasure her, own her, possess every inch of her. He knew she was giving him the most valuable gift he could ask for: her orgasms, her agony. 


This was, needless to say, a boring meeting. 

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